for the provision of information and consulting services (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer") The Offer is addressed to an indefinite number of individuals who are interested in receiving information and consulting services on the terms specified below.
1. Terms and definitions
1.1. The terms listed below are used in this Offer in the following meanings:
Acceptance - full, unconditional, and unequivocal acceptance of the proposal to conclude a contract for the provision of information and consulting services.
Website - a set of data, electronic (digital) information, other objects of copyright and (or) related rights, etc., interconnected and structured within the website address:
Event Web Page - a component of the website containing information about the procedure for providing information and consulting services within the Event (including the Event Program, the format of its conduct (live or online), the date, and time of service provision). CONTRACTOr - Individual entrepreneur Gudyma Roman Anatoliiovych, who is the organizer or co-organizer of the Event, within which information and consulting services are provided.
Customer - an individual who has accepted the terms of the Offer.
Event - workshop, seminar, summit, online intensive, educational sessions, educational program, or other business event within which information and consulting services are provided in accordance with the Event Program.
Offer - a proposal to conclude a contract located on the Internet at the page at the following link:
Event Program - stages (modules, information blocks, etc.) of providing information on a specific topic.
Parties - CONTRACTOr and Customer.
The specified terms have the same meaning as when used in the singular, and in the plural, and even with the indication in capital letters and lowercase. Other terms used in the Offer are defined in accordance with the norms of current legislation of Ukraine, and in the absence of a definition in the legislation, they have a commonly accepted meaning.

2. Subject of the Offer
2.1. Under the terms specified in this Offer, a contract for services (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract") is concluded between the CONTRACTOr and the Customer, according to which the CONTRACTOr undertakes to provide information and consulting services, involving participation in the selected Event by the Customer (hereinafter referred to as the "Services"), and the Customer undertakes to accept and pay for these services.
2.2. The procedure for providing services, including the Event Program, the format of its conduct (live or online), the date, and time of service provision, is determined on the Event page.
3. Procedure for Conclusion and Performance of the Contract
3.1. Before concluding the Contract, the Customer must familiarize themselves with the Offer and, in case of disagreement with the terms, refrain from actions aimed at concluding the Contract and its execution.
3.2. Agreement with the Offer is considered to be the Customer's registration for the Event on the Event page, indicating the following information:
Last name and first name, Phone number, Email.
3.3. Acceptance of the Offer is made by the Customer by making a payment for the ordered Services.
3.4. The CONTRACTOr and the Customer, guided by Article 207, Part 2 of Article 639, Articles 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, agree that from the moment of Acceptance, the Contract is considered concluded in writing, without signing a written copy.
4. Rights and Obligations of the CONTRACTOr and Customer
4.1. The CONTRACTOr undertakes to:
4.1.1. Provide Services in accordance with the conditions set forth in this Offer.
4.1.2. Inform the Customer about the place of service provision and any changes in the conditions of organizing their provision no later than 1 (one) day before the start date of the Event.
4.1.3. Provide the Customer with the necessary material and technical means for participation in the Event, in case of live service provision, and access data to online resources through which the Services are provided, in case of online service provision.
4.2. The CONTRACTOr has the right to:
4.2.1. Independently determine the procedure for organizing the provision of Services, including changing the place, date, and time of their provision unilaterally, with mandatory notification of the Customer about such changes.
4.2.2. Engage third parties at their discretion to fulfill their obligations.
4.2.3. Publish and distribute information about the progress, method, and results of providing Services.
4.2.4. Conduct audio recordings, photography, and videography during the Event and use them for any purposes by any means.
4.2.5. Suspend the fulfillment of obligations, refuse their partial or full execution in case of the Customer's non-performance or inadequate performance of their obligations.
4.3. The Customer undertakes to:
4.3.1. Pay for the Services in accordance with the conditions specified in this Offer.
4.3.2. Promptly inform the CONTRACTOr of any changes in their contact details. In case of non-compliance with this condition, all risks associated with it are borne by the Customer, and the CONTRACTOr is not responsible for the Customer's failure to receive information about the services provided by the CONTRACTOr.
4.3.3. In case of damage to the CONTRACTOr's property, including by a third party, for whom the Contract was concluded, compensate for the inflicted damage in full.
4.3.4. Not transfer to third parties or use for commercial purposes without the CONTRACTOr's permission educational, methodological, and informational materials provided to the Customer during the performance of the Contract and subject to copyright. The right to use the content and materials is limited to personal use without the right to transfer to third parties.
4.3.5. Accept Services while adhering to the following rules:
Do not transfer their rights and obligations under the Contract to third parties without prior agreement with the CONTRACTOr; Videography during the Event, dissemination of video and audio recordings of the Event, regardless of the method of dissemination, is not allowed; Attendance at the Event is not allowed while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; Adherence to the rules established by the organizers, posted at the venue of the Event and on the CONTRACTOr's website, is mandatory; In case of violation of established rules and non-compliance with the CONTRACTOr's requirements, the participant of the Event will be obliged to leave the Event without reimbursement of the participation cost.
4.4. The Customer has the right to:
4.4.1. Receive Services on the terms specified in this Offer.
4.4.2. Receive information about the services provided by the CONTRACTOr.
5. Cost of Services and Payment Terms
5.1. The cost of Services depends on the Event chosen by the Customer, the number of participants, and the participation package, and is determined in the invoice for payment.
5.2. Payment for the Services is made by the Customer through a bank transfer of funds to the CONTRACTOr's bank account.
5.3. The cost of services is determined in Ukrainian Hryvnia.
5.4. The cost of Services may change in case of special promotions offering discounts.
5.5. The Customer can make payment for the Services using the following methods:
Through a bank transfer of funds to the CONTRACTOr's current account specified in the payment invoice; Via the LIQPAY online payment service or by another method agreed upon with the CONTRACTOr.
5.6. The Customer pays for the Services in the amount of 100% of the cost of the Services within 3 (three) banking days from the date of issuing the invoice for payment by the CONTRACTOr, but no later than 1 (one) banking day before the start date of the provision of Services, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties.
5.7. In case the potential Customer fails to make the full payment for the Services within the specified period, the Contract is considered not concluded.
5.8. The Services are considered paid by the Customer from the moment the CONTRACTOr receives confirmation from the bank of the receipt of the full payment amount to the CONTRACTOr's settlement account. In certain cases, at the CONTRACTOr's discretion, confirmation of payment may be:
A facsimile copy of the payment order; A facsimile copy of the bank payment receipt used for payment; Confirmation of the transaction through the LIQPAY payment system in favor of the CONTRACTOr if the Customer made the payment through the online payment service.
5.9. The delay in initiating the Event or rescheduling the Event date is not a basis for the refund of funds paid for the Services.
5.10. Conditions for refunding payments made for participation in the Event are specified on the corresponding Event web page or documented in agreements between the Customer and the CONTRACTOr.
6. Procedure for Acceptance and Handover of Services
6.1. If within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of the Event's completion, the Customer has not provided the CONTRACTOr with a motivated written refusal to accept the Services, such Services are considered to have been duly provided in full and accepted by the Customer in full.
6.2. After the Event's completion, the CONTRACTOr may provide the Customer, including upon the latter's request, with a service provision act (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"). If within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of the Event's completion, the Customer has not provided the CONTRACTOr with a signed Act or a motivated refusal to sign it, such Act is considered agreed upon (signed) by the Customer, and the Services are considered to have been duly provided.
7. Validity of the Offer and Contract
7.1. The Offer becomes effective upon its publication on the CONTRACTOr's website and remains valid until withdrawn by the CONTRACTOr.
7.2. The CONTRACTOr reserves the right to make changes to the Offer's terms and/or withdraw the Offer at any time at their discretion. In the event of changes made by the CONTRACTOr to the Offer, such changes take effect from the moment the amended Offer text is posted on the CONTRACTOr's website unless another term for the changes to take effect is additionally specified upon such posting.
7.3. Acceptance of the Offer by the Customer creates a Contract on the terms specified in this Offer.
7.4. The Contract becomes effective upon the Customer's Acceptance of the Offer and is valid:
until the Parties fulfill their obligations under the Contract, namely - the Customer's payment of the cost of Services and the CONTRACTOr's provision of Services corresponding to the cost of Services; until the termination of the Contract.
7.5. The Contract can be terminated prematurely:
at any time by mutual agreement of the Parties; by the CONTRACTOr unilaterally in case of the Customer's failure to fulfill their obligations under the Contract, with no refund of the cost of Services; by the CONTRACTOr unilaterally in case of the Event's cancellation or in other cases with a refund to the Customer of the prepaid but not provided Services.
8. Responsibility
8.1. For the non-performance or improper performance of obligations under this Contract, the CONTRACTOr and the Customer bear responsibility in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
8.2. Under no circumstances does the CONTRACTOr bear responsibility for any indirect damages to the Customer, including loss of profit, income, or inability to obtain expected income, as well as any similar losses.
8.3. The Customer agrees to the Contract's terms and acknowledges that they have no right to demand any compensation for moral, material damage, or harm caused to the Customer both during the term of the Contract and after its expiration.
8.4. The Parties take measures to resolve all disputes and disagreements arising from the Contract or in connection with its performance through negotiations. The deadline for considering the claim is set at 30 (thirty) days from the date of its receipt by the Party.
8.5. In case it is impossible to resolve disputes and disagreements through negotiations, such disputes and disagreements shall be considered in court at the location of the CONTRACTOr.
8.6. The Parties are released from liability for partial or complete non-performance of obligations under this Contract if such non-performance occurred due to force majeure circumstances.
8.7. Force majeure refers to extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances arising after the conclusion of the Contract, which objectively prevent the fulfillment of obligations, including, but not limited to: fires, earthquakes, floods, landslides, extreme weather conditions, other natural disasters, explosions, military actions, epidemics, unlawful actions of third parties, actions and regulatory acts of government authorities.
8.8. In the event of force majeure, the affected Party must immediately, but no later than within a 14-day period, notify the other Party. A document issued by competent authorities is a valid proof of force majeure.
8.9. Force majeure automatically extends the term of obligations' performance throughout its duration. If force majeure lasts for more than 3 (three) months or if it becomes evident upon its occurrence that such circumstances will last longer than the specified period, each Party has the right to refuse further performance of obligations under the Contract by sending a relevant notice to the other Party.
9. Other Terms
9.1. By agreeing to the terms and accepting the conditions of this Offer through its Acceptance, the Customer attests to and guarantees the CONTRACTOr that:
9.1.1. They have provided accurate information when registering for the Event, when arranging payment documents, and when paying for the Services.
9.1.2. They are voluntarily entering into the Contract, having:
Fully acquainted themselves with the terms of the Offer, Fully understood the subject matter of the Contract (Offer).
9.1.3. They possess all rights and authority necessary for the conclusion and execution of the Contract.
9.2. Acceptance of the Offer means:
9.2.1. Participants of the Event grant full and irrevocable consent to the CONTRACTOr (A PERSON engaged by the CONTRACTOr as an operator/photographer/manager) to conduct photo and video shooting involving them.
9.2.2. Participants of the Event provide full and irrevocable consent to the CONTRACTOr for the use of their photographic images, videos involving them, their comments, and information about them in advertising, informational, and other materials of the CONTRACTOr, their public display, reproduction, and distribution both within Ukraine and beyond its borders.
9.2.3. Recognition of the CONTRACTOr's exclusive rights to photo and video materials involving the participants of the Event: for reproduction, copying, adaptation, conducting public demonstrations and displays, publication, distribution, alienation, as well as the right to duplicate, voiceover, or subtitle, create excerpts, etc.
9.2.4. Agreement from the Customer for the collection, processing, and storage of the personal data provided by them; for the use of personal and statistical data collected during the conclusion and execution of the Contract and for sending information about the Services, CONTRACTOr's news, and/or CONTRACTOr's partners to the Customer.
The CONTRACTOr informs the Customer that they are the owner of the personal data collected from the Customer, and these personal data may be transferred to other persons to fulfill the Contract's terms, for the CONTRACTOr to fulfill their obligations established by the tax, statistical, and other legislation of Ukraine, relevant subordinate regulatory legal acts, and for the purpose of protecting the CONTRACTOr's legitimate rights and interests.
9.3. In the event of the Customer providing third-party personal data, the Customer authorizes their use in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and ensures obtaining written consent from the specified individuals for such use. The full responsibility for breaching this requirement rests upon the Customer.
9.4. The Customer is informed and agrees that telephone conversations with the Contractor or their representative may be recorded for the purpose of monitoring the quality of the Contractor's work or that of their representative.
9.5. Due to malfunctions, technical issues, actions of third parties, including but not limited to viral or hacker attacks, the Customer's data may become accessible to third parties. The Customer acknowledges this and commits not to demand compensation from the Contractor for damages incurred as a result.
9.6. Documents, notifications, inquiries, and demands are considered properly sent if they were dispatched via electronic, telephone, facsimile, or postal communication means or delivered with the recipient's signature. Written documents sent by fax or email hold full legal force until the exchange of originals, generate rights and obligations for the Parties, may be submitted to judicial authorities as pertinent evidence, and cannot be disputed by the Party on behalf of whom they were sent.

Individual Entrepreneur (sole proprietor) GUDYMA ROMAN ANATOLIIOVYCH
Tax ID (UsREOU): 3160626751
Bank Account (IBAN): UA053052990000026003010701537
37 Parkova Street, Radyvyliv, Ukraine