April 24
Kyiv time
45 EUR
All-on-4 treatment concept in every clinician's practice
TOP implantologist of Ukraine
Roman Gudyma
Target audience
dentists who already perform implant surgeries or who are interested in implant surgeries
About the speaker
Roman Gudyma
  • A surgeon-implantologist with 12 years of experience
  • Trained in Germany, Israel, Portugal, Japan, Canada, and Brazil
  • Operating surgeon in 20 clinics across Ukraine
  • Chief dentist and owner of the "Dentaro" clinic
  • Owner of the dental laboratory "DentaroLab" and the educational center "DSC Implantology"
12 years
20 cities
implantologists are trained annually
experience in the dental field
сonducts surgical operations
In our webinar all the clinicians will have the opportunity to learn more about All-on-4 treatment concept
In the webinar the clinicians will learn
how to rehabilitate edentulous jaw with four implants
how to do it in maxilla and mandible
why bone reduction is needed
what kind of retention system is used in All-on-4 treatment concept
step-by-step instruction for All-on-4 treatment concept
implant placement planning in All-on-4 treatment concept
By the end of the webinar a dentist will learn about:
All-on-4 treatment concept
Implant position
Implant placement
Bone reduction
Prosthodontic component
The lecturer will demonstrate the clinical cases he has had in his practice; each of them is of different complexity, so the participants will be able to better understand how the treatment concept works.
Regardless whether you already work with this treatment concept or not, you will most assuredly benefit from the knowledge you gain. You will also be able to inform your patient and to go on to practical training easily.
The lecturer has already trained more than a thousand clinicians due to his authentic way of presenting information, so you will definitely fully benefit even in a limited webinar's time.
after the webinar you will receive:
support from the lecturer
webinar record
02 : 22 : 36 : 60
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